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Aubépine Comme Fou Diffuser

Aubépine Comme Fou Diffuser

Like the boat's labyrinth of waxed spices streams and eucalyptus-panelled forest; Aubepine with a hint of bitter almond and a dusting of powdery honeyed pollen,  dares to transport a soul to whimsical pine greeneries. Offering creative freedom on a journey filled with imagination and emotions like a dewdrop on a patchouli leaf.


Jean & Hahn Aromatique composes its perfumes with the source of natural ingredients. Through the process, a unique palette of natural elements is available to create original scents. For each botanical essence, the process is specific, responsible, sustainable, and ethical. Every aromatheraphy vessel is 100% recyclable and designed with purpose to be reused.


    Volume: 90 ml

    Fragrance: Aubépine Comme Fou (Hawthorn Like Crazy)

    Materials: Glass vessel, untreated rattan sticks, and diffuser

    Dimensions: Ø 5 x H 10 cm

  • CARE

    Store the diffuser at room temprature, in the dry place, away from direct sunlight. Do not place the diffuser in a wind draught. Must be in good-circulated room.

    Keep the cap closed whenever you take a long journey for a long-lasting diffuser.

    Keep out the reach of children and pets.


    1. Arrange and spread the rattan sticks in the bottle.

    2. After a while, turn the soaked side of the rattan sticks upward for stronger scents.

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