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Foin Frais Diffuser

Foin Frais Diffuser

The scent of stalks dried in the summer sun, during a walk through the fields, mingled with wild herbs and flowers' honeyed pollen. The aromas of the country-side, at once flowery and herbaceous. Under the golden sun and warm air, the tall grasses have already grown back between the large stacks of fresh mown hay, caress an almondy scent of hawthorn.


Jean & Hahn Aromatique composes its perfumes with the source of natural ingredients. Through the process, a unique palette of natural elements is available to create original scents. For each botanical essence, the process is specific, responsible, sustainable, and ethical. Every aromatheraphy vessel is 100% recyclable and designed with purpose to be reused.


    Volume: 90 ml

    Fragrance: Foin Frais (Fresh Hay)

    Materials: Glass vessel, untreated rattan sticks, and diffuser

    Dimensions: Ø 5 x H 10 cm

  • CARE

    Store the diffuser at room temprature, in the dry place, away from direct sunlight. Do not place the diffuser in a wind draught. Must be in good-circulated room.

    Keep the cap closed whenever you take a long journey for a long-lasting diffuser.

    Keep out the reach of children and pets.


    1. Arrange and spread the rattan sticks in the bottle.

    2. After a while, turn the soaked side of the rattan sticks upward for stronger scents.

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