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Fleur d'Oranger Candle

Fleur d'Oranger Candle

Brought back from Indochina, wrapped in citrus and wood barks, the orange blossom is like an orientalist painting. Furiously romantic as the shrubs break into bloom, the buds slowly spring out - compose an elegant, odorant grammar of delicate perfume in silky shadow of vanilla.

Jean & Hahn Aromatique candles are hand-poured from a completely natural and sustainable proprietary coconut wax blend. Each candle is clean burning, with a pure cotton wick and is infused with a hint of the finest fragrances. Every aromatheraphy vessel is 100% recyclable and designed with purpose to be reused long after the candle has burned.


    Weight: 290 g

    Fragrance: Fleur d'Oranger (Orange Blossom)

    Materials: Porcelain vessel, hand-poured wax

    Dimensions: Ø 11 x H 12 cm

  • CARE

    Store the candle at room temprature, in the dry place, away from direct sunlight. Do not place the candle in a wind draught. Only place the burning candle on a heatproof surface.

    Never leave the burning candle unattended.

    Keep out the reach of children and pets.


    Your candle will burn clean and evenly down to the bottom of the porcelain if you are careful to take the following steps.

    1. Center the wick in the liquid wax every time after finished using.

    2. Trim the wick short to avoid unnecessary smoke.

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